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One Hand: The Movie

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A few months into their marriage, Johnny and Rebecca Weixler, from Lebanon County, Pennsylvania travelled to Egypt to film a documentary in Egypt on Christian-Muslim relations post-2011 Uprising. Their finished product is a gripping and revealing exposure on Muslim-Christian relations in revolutionary Egypt. 
The Center for Arab-West Understanding helped in the production of, and facilitation of interviews for the documentary.
The title of the finished product - 'One Hand: The Movie' - is a reference to a common slogan of the revolution.
"المسلمين والمسيحيين يد واحدة"
"al-Muslimeen wa al-Messahe'en yiid wahdah"
 "Muslims and Christians are one hand"
Itself an echo of an earlier slogan from the 1919 Egyptian revolution:
"يعيش الهلال مع الصليب"
"yae'ish al-Hilaal ma'a al-Sileeb"
"The Crescent lives with the Cross"
See the trailer of One Hand:
You can read more about or order the film on the Website of Johnny and Rebecca Weixler.