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Arab West Report is an electronic magazine and academic database registered in the Netherlands under ISSN number 2210-3597, dedicated to promoting understanding and dialogue between Muslim and non-Muslim communities, and the Arab World and the West since 1997. These activities are based on the philosophy that understanding can only be reached by providing accurate, un-biased, non-partisan information to those involved. AWR has been accomplishing this by producing interviews, background reports and longer academic papers to inform researchers, policy-makers, politicians, journalists and academics worldwide.
The publication can be accessed here.
Interns and volunteers of the Center for Arab-West Understanding contribute with articles and reports to Arab-West Report (ISSN number 2210-3597).
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Production of key reports

We select the best students with the best supervision possible for the production of key reports that explain an important aspect of Egyptian society.

Examples of previous reports by interns include: