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One of CAWU’s biggest driving forces is its internship program. Since its formation, CAWU has hosted over 100 student interns, from Canada, the USA, Australia, Germany, Ireland, Syria, China, Korea, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Switzerland, the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Portugal, Colombia, and, of course Egypt. CAWU has been a crucial platform for the youth to be able to get first-hand practical experience in their preferred fields of interest. By providing them with basic guidance and supervision, CAWU has boosted their entrepreneurial capacities and fostered them to reach further and higher in their academic and professional lives, always in concordance to the NGO’s vision, criteria and guidelines of accuracy and reliability.

Are you looking to gain a minimum of two months of professional experience? Would you like to interact with people of different nationalities and various cultural and religious backgrounds? Are you passionate to learn about intercultural dialogue? Have a look at CAWU’s different internship opportunities and apply today!