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Payment of membership fee and donations

1)    Cost  of (associate) membership

Registration fee for all new members is a one-time 50 EgP 

Yearly (associate) membership fees is 120 EgP 

For collection of your fee please fill in the form below.

2)    One time or Regular Donation 


The Center for Arab West Understanding is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation registered in Egypt.  Our work relies entirely on income from donors (both individuals and institutions) as well as grants for particular projects. We need your financial support to make our work feasible. Thus please donate or be a(n associate) member in our organization with a membership fees.

Donations are acceptable only in EgP through:

a.  Bank transfer or check:  linked to a pdf file describing the banks reference account (find here after the model of the file to be included in our web page)    

Account Name Account No.     100006874047    
Bank Name                              Commercial International Bank (CIB) – Maadi Branch
Bank Address                           67, Street 9- Maadi    
Swiftcode No.                           CIBEEGCX012

b.  Collector Agent

Please follow in the form below and we will contact you ASAP

Request for CAWU collector agent

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