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Egypt for Peace

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Egypt for Peace is an Egyptian platform to bring together organizations and authors who want to work towards peace between nations and cultures, mutual understanding and cooperation. 
“Peace!” we said, greeting the world;

“Peace!” said the world in response.

With peace and love, the world blooms!

Why should we take sides?

Whoever and whatever you or we are,

The least of our rights.

Both ours and yours.

Is peace - -

Simply, peace!

(Translation : Prof. Dr. Mary Massoud)

بالســـلام احنــا بدانابالســـلام

ردت الــدنيا علينـــا بالســـلام

بالســـلام و المحبــة الدنيا تحـلى

ليه يكون ناس فى ناحية و ناس فى ناحية

مــهما كنــا و مــهما كنـــتوا

مــن حـقوقنــا احنــا و انتــوا

بـــــــس الســــــــلام

(Um Kalthoum)

Egypt For Peace was first created by the late AWF Chairman, Dick Parlevliet and his company Imalco based in Raalte, the Netherlands in 2003 with assistance from the UK-based company FTL Films, which helped to improve the website in 2009.