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Roses for Children

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Cornelis Hulsman, initiator of the Electronic database Arab-West Report, put us in touch with the Egyptian Ministry of Culture, after which we were able to inform them about Roses for Children, the International Monument for the Unknown Child in The Netherlands and the connecting monument to be realized in Egypt. The project Roses for Children was adopted by the Center for Arab-West Understanding upon its foundation in 2007.
The stone which represents the children of Egypt at the International Monument at the Veluwe, near Arnhem in The Netherlands, is from Assuan, from a quarry once used by the pharaohs. It was donated in 2003 by the Government of Egypt through the Minister of Culture, Dr. Farouk Hosni, minister from 1987-2011. Read more about the background of the project here.
The transport of the stone to the Netherlands was sponsored by Shipping P&O Nedlloyd and Transportgroep Brummen.
On 7 March 2004, the 3000kg stone was placed at the Veluwe, near Arnhem.
Roses for Children donated the artwork in 2003 to the Minister of Culture with the purpose of establishing a corresponding monument in Egypt. They inquired in December 2014 if Egypt could establish a corresponding monument in Cairo. The Children’s Cancer Hospital in Cairo expressed willingness to host this monument.Read more in the article “Ship of Hope.”
You can read the recommendation for CAWU by the Dutch musician Herman Van Veen who is a major proponent of the Rose for Children project.