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Arab-West Dialogue Partnerships

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We invite key people to visit Egypt if we are able to offer them a good program and we see that their visit to Egypt will be of benefit to Egypt and to mutual understanding. Prominent among these activities are:

  • The visit by the former-Dutch Prime Minister Andreas van Agt in 2006.
  • Delegation of representatives of Dutch Muslim and Christian organizations in 2008 for orientation on Muslim-Christian dialogue and which resulted in the formation of the Cairo Overleg (Cairo Coalition) for inter-religious dialogue.
  • The visit by a Nigerian Imam and pastor in 2011 for a peace-building conference.
  • The visit by large delegation from Vienna University in 2012.
Maintaining contact with the Cairo Overleg
The Dutch Cairo Overleg (Cairo Coalition) is an organization quite similar to the Bayt al-Eila in Egypt and was founded after our NGO invited representatives from Dutch Muslim and Christian organizations to visit Egypt in 2008. They have become quite influential in The Netherlands.  See for more information here.
Maintaining contact with the Roses for Children Foundation
A Dutch foundation under the patronage of famous Dutch singer Herman van Veen works on establishing and expanding the International Monument for the Unknown Child.  Cornelis Hulsman contacted H.E. Minister of Culture Farouk Hosni resulting in the Egyptian government donating a stone for this monument in the Netherlands in 2003. The Egyptian stone arrived shortly before the launch of the monument by HRH Princess Irene. The Center for Arab-West Understanding has maintained these relations with the Roses for Children Foundation since it was established. Cornelis Hulsman represented the foundation during the 10th anniversary of this monument in 2014.